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Marketers are dealing with the most empowered customers than ever before.  Some interesting stats say, at least 79% customers are digitally connected smart phone to blame?), 53% socially networked and 59% are better informed so they are looking to switch to better service.

The current marketing arms race is about personalization despite dealing with millions of consumers. The common example is that if you send a same t-shirt size to everyone that must be wrong.  Every consumer is unique, interests different from each other and the way they express their unique sentiments is even more diverse. Many industries want to prevent churn, enhance the revenue, safeguard the quality and reduce spend by running highly affective campaigns.

Intelligent Customer Engagement Applications:

Gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of true customer value with applications that make the most of every customer interaction.

SAP Customer Value Intelligence

Provides Sales and Marketing Managers with deeper understanding of their Core, Opportunistic, Marginal and Service Drain customers and helps them position the right products and services to the right customer segments.

SAP Audience Discovery & Targeting

Allows Marketing Managers to engage customers and convert prospects by running advanced segmentations on large customer populations and distilling insights into targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

SAP Account Intelligence

Provides mobile sales teams with real-time customer insights and personalized selling recommendations that allow them to create target lists, increase the effectiveness of their sales visits, and seize sales opportunities from anywhere.

SAP Social Contact Intelligence

Instantly unlock sentiment and contact insights from both social media channels and internal, company-owned sources to better target and influence prospects and customers in a variety of ways.

Rapid Deployment Solutions available

for faster adoption of this innovative SAP solution, and to eliminate risks with best practices. 

rapid-deployment of SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence

For more info read the blog:

  1. Understand your customers well and drive your sales
    strategically – in 12 weeks!

rapid data load for SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence

  For more info read the blogs:

  1. Rapid Data Load to Customer Engagement Intelligence
    (CEI) powered by SAP HANA Part I
  2. Rapid Data Load to Customer Engagement Intelligence
    (CEI) powered by SAP HANA Part II


For more information or live demo, see us @ Lines of Business Campus: LB226 at SAPPHIRE NOW or attend any of the customer feedback and/or overview sessions







Education Session

Learn How a Retail Customer in Asia Implemented Real-Time Customer
  Segmentation to Drive Marketing ...

Stephen McKinnon,
  Luxottica Retail, Australia, Sumita Jayaraman, SAP

Industries  Campus

Micro forum Discussion

  Millions of Customer Records Across Markets in Seconds

Luxottica speaker, Sumita

Technology Campus

Demo Theater

Enhance Customer Engagement with Real-Time Analytics

Sumita Jayaraman

Technology Campus

Demo Theater

Make Every
  Customer Engagement Count with Real-Time Insight

Sumita Jayaraman

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