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Developer Advocate
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Both Management & Security are inter-dependant and if not in place, your valuable enterprise mobile asset is vulnerable as soon at it is goes 'on-the-road'. I use the wording 'valuable', not really due to the cost of the actual device, as that is minor when compared to the priceless corporate applications and data deployed on the device itself. Think, of the damage could be done if that device & the data within got into the hands of your competition of even worse, someone malicious. Mobile Device Management (MDM) to anyone serious should mean SECURE management of DATA, DEVICE and APPLICATIONS.

For mobile in the enterprise, not only do you need cross-platform device support, but a central configuration control including a way of distributing software Over-The-Air (OTA). The success of the consumer App Store has now come to the enterprise where the same experience is needed and expected by the Prosumer. Corporately built enterprise applications can be easily deployed to users that adhere to certain policies and consumer productivity apps can also be suggested as a corporate standard. A Mobile Device Management Platform (MDM) can supply this, along with -

Management in the areas of

• Device Monitoring
• License Control
• Software Distribution
• Software Inventory
• Asset Control
• Remote Control
• Connection Management
• Application support & distribution

Security in the areas of

• Password Protection
• On-device Data Encryption
• Over-the-air Data Encryption
• Remotely Lock Devices
• Wipe Data from Devices
• Reprovision Devices in the Field
• Back-up Data on Devices

The main risk to be aware of is that an unmanaged device will not work in an enterprise environment, whether it be corporately owned or personally owned (through BYOD). If a device stops working, that means a field worker stops working for a day, or more, and the cost to you is very high. Also Management & Security of devices is a process best kept transparent from the Mobile Worker and automatic, not intruding into their working day.

Remember that enterprises must securely manage the data, devices and applications, again whether it be corporately owned or personally owned (through BYOD). Device management itself is NOT enough, the security of the data and the security of the applications are more important.

At SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid we have various sessions on Afaria as well as subject experts on hand to discuss the subject further

MB4520 Deploy and Manage iOS Apps in Your Organization
MB4505 Deploy and Manage Android Apps in Your Organization
MB4680 Turn Best Practices Into a Successful Mobile Device Management Strategy
MB404 Manage and Secure Your Enterprise Data
MB4566 Manage and Secure All Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise
MB4493 Ensure Scalability and Security for Your Mobile Device Management Solution
MB4721 Uncover the Challenges Behind a Bring-Your-Own-Device Strategy

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