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Are you making the most of your SAP solutions? Implementing, upgrading, and running your IT systems at peak performance are absolutely vital to your business. As you continue to evolve and upgrade your SAP solutions, your organization's SAP landscape becomes more sophisticated and comprehensive. The payoff for efficient, streamlined IT operations can be enormous with an improved partnership between business and IT, increased customer satisfaction and business value, and lower operational costs. The question is - how can we achieve this, and what is the roadmap?

There are several critical success factors to achieving these goals:

  • Building a Customer Center of Excellence (CoE): a proven method to achieve right balance of total cost of operations, customer satisfaction, and business value. Benefits include improving the total cost of operation, lowering the cost of support personnel, improving user satisfaction by increasing overall participation, and enhance business value through higher availability and the ability to rapidly implement new requirements


  • Assessing your Operations Maturity: We recommend adopting a comprehensive process to evaluate your support organization, people, processes, and tools to determine their ability to optimize, integrate, and scale support processes to meet current and future business demand.


  • Leveraging the Run SAP methodology (aka ALM): Run SAP, methods and standards for optimal operation of SAP applications, enables you to set up operations for your SAP applications in a highly efficient manner and optimize operations, processes, and technical infrastructure across the entire life cycle.

If you would like to hear more about this important topic, watch now (  This webcast was presented on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 1 PM.  The title is "Optimize Operations and Leverage Your Customer Center of Excellence", the final installment in the webcast series "Make the Most of your SAP Solutions: Run Better and Thrive After Go-Live" featuring Michael Doane and experts from SAP Consulting.

In the Webcast, we discover how you can bring business and IT together in a Customer Center of Excellence (Customer COE) that will drive sustainable and continuous business improvement for your SAP solutions. Discover the principles of operations optimization based upon Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) concepts, the Run SAP methodology, and best practices for building a sustainable support organization. Learn how to calibrate your organization's operations maturity from the IT Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting. We also encourage you to read Michael Doane's white paper, "Your SAP Immaturity is Showing: Growing Up to Measurable Business Value." Also join us on Twitter (#SAPCNSWCS) to share your own insights on how to "thrive after go-live".