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Make Life Easier With The SAP Application Interface Framework Tool: HP Shows You How - Webinar Replay

In the Make Life Easier for Users with the SAP Application Interface Framework Tool webinar, speakers Anil Thalayat,Senior Manager IT at Hewlett-Packard Company and Jochen Bayer, SAP Application Interface Framework Senior Consultant, discussed how SAP Application Interface Framework can provide value to business. Through an explanation and a case study from HP, SAP AIF is broken down and illustrated through the application to a real business case.

The webinar was broken down into three parts:

  1. What is SAP Application Interface Framework?
  2. How HP is using SAP AIF and what are their benefits?
  3. The architecture surrounding AIF and the technology

To begin, Jochen Bayer explained the SAP Application Interface Framework.  SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) is a powerful framework for interface implementation, monitoring, and error handling. For SAP, it’s a proven solution with over seven years of development and customer history that spans across 25 industries.  

SAP AIF was built through a co-innovation project to address business challenges, which typically occur within projects. The tool allows a business to improve and focus on compliance and enable a business user to easily handle interface-related monitoring.  The tool is built in a way that it is customizable and flexible, and it can be deployed quickly. There is easy access to relevant data or functions of underlying SAP applications and the user can re-use interface components (ie. checks, mappings, actions).  AIF also supports variants for individual instances providing flexibility.

AIF enables and empowers business users to do interface-related monitoring. Through the user-friendly (and not technical) dashboard and varying levels of powerful authorization, it provides an overview of interface status and provides compliance features and an audit log. 

Senior Manager IT at Hewlett-Packard Company, Anil Thalayat, explained how HP is using SAP AIF and the benefits.

In summation, Thalayat, realized that HP was missing the framework they needed to bring everything together. He pointed out that he wished this product was available five years ago when his team invested in a variety of technological solutions that collectively, have the features of SAP AIF.

Once HP explored and implemented SAP AIF, they found the benefits in:

  • Enabling separation of business logic from integration layer
  • A simplified interface landscape and architecture
  • Configuration-based interfaces implementation and monitoring

Through AIF implementation, HP was able to shift most interfaces into AIF and eliminate and retire a lot of the custom solutions they used for interface monitoring and reporting. It proved to be an easier add-on without procuring hardware. 

To hear more about the business logic of HP, how they continue to benefit, and the technology and architecture surrounding AIF, listen to the Make Life Easier for Users with the SAP Application Interface Framework Tool webinar replay.