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It has been a while since my focus on SAP Support is mainly the BW-BCT and BC-BW components. Usually, BW-WHM scenario and issues are much easier to understand and work with, but I'm excited to explore these other components with more depth.


These two areas have their own mysterious ways, covering a very wide extention of different extractors, wide applications, puzzling structures and exotic mechanisms. I have to admit that the documentation we find usually doesn't contain all the explanations we are looking for - and who could ever deny that?


With my plane crashed on these components, this definitely makes me feel like I'm trapped in a LOST episode. While having to encourage myself, by constantly repeating "I'm here for a reason", I try to gather all the random pieces of information that come accross my way. Unfortunately, sometimes, answers actually end up just leading to more questions.


While I'm tracking down, via debugging, delta records that have simply vanished away, I do need to go back and forth a few times, to be able to grasp what the heck is that friggin' polar bear doing in the middle of a jungle.


It's funny how hard it is to separate the consulting issues from program errors in these components. The main reason for that is the complexity vs. lack of documentation. It is always necessary to cover the whole concept (and its exceptions), just to start identifying the error. It is rarely enough to perform just a "narrow" analysis, pointing out only a single step or a simple SAP Note to solve the issue. And it feels almost like not trying to cause disapointment in the final episode of LOST - how the heck would they, in the end, bind all together every random stuff they tossed on that island??


But this isn't a complaint... like Dr. Shepherd, I did volunteer myself, and like Locke, I have never felt like leaving this island - I'm actually happy to be here.


I'll try to be helpful, by composing posts about some popular BC-BW and BW-BCT topics. I'll also try to be a good "Jacob" and be as much organized and graphical as I can. I'll also make sure that, as a "New Man in Charge", I do post here all the information that can't be easily found or cannot be found anywhere at all.

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