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My Dear SCN Peeps,

There is an opportunity I don't want you to miss if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area today Wednesday, February 29.


A local meet-up for SCN Members

The whole SCN Team is meeting in Palo Alto this week and we wanted to use the opportunity to meet with our Community members - we don't get to see you in person very often.

We will be at the Nut House in Palo Alto tonight and hope many will be able to join us!

Everyone is welcome! SCN members at large, Mentors, Moderators, enemies of the SCN point system - really, everyone. SAP people too, of course.

Many thanks to Moshe Naveh who, I think, was the first person to suggest an informal get-together. Thanks to Aleksandra Barilko who put the wiki page together, and the rest of the team who started spreading the word already.

This is an unformal event and drinks are self-funded (i.e. you pay for your own drink, or you convince one of us to buy you a drink ;-)). You do get free peanuts, and can enjoy the bar's jukebox, billard table and dartboard. Why would you want to miss that?

Please sign up on the event's page to inform us of your attendance so that we can look for you and find you!

Twitter hasthag: #scnvcasa


When, Where, What

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6:30pm - 9:00pm Pacific Time

Antonio's Nut House

321 California Ave

Palo Alto, CA  94306



The Nut House is a fun place, a local bar that's different (you'll see it as soon as you step in).

Last time I went there I didn't notice the Gorilla! How could I, right? I will make sure I have the pleasure to make its acquaintance tonight.