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What if you could really understand how your customers are feeling about your business? Experience management combines experience (X) data with operational (O) data to help businesses get to the core of how customers are feeling along their entire journey. Using enhanced and integrated analytics (think pop-up questionnaires, surveys, pulse checks, and much more), experience management provides feedback on an ongoing basis, so that businesses can understand what customers need at every stage, and build solutions that truly resonate with them.

Integrating experience management directly into the product is also a powerful way to create a closer feedback relationship with your end users. Imagine being able to see who your users are, what application they are using, where they are clicking, and how they feel about what’s happening as they interact with your product. Getting to the core of how users feel as they use your product can help you turn problems into opportunities and significantly improve the user experience of your product.

In this radio episode, our panel experts, Roger Baxter (SAP) and Dr. Elizabeth ErkenBrack (Senior XM Scientist for Qualtrics) will join host Bonnie D. Graham to discuss the impact of experience management for the product development cycle and how XO data can bring the user experience to the next level.

Tune into this great discussion from the show on August 20, 2019: