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SAP offered a special program for Hungarian talents recenty. The program in short: they can study at a German university on-site, and on the same time they can begin to gain real experiences at the global headquarter. SAP pays for everything. New chapter of life is beginning for four talents.

One of the talent, Julia Czetter is writing:

By the first Sunday of August we arrived to Mannheim. We were immediately taken away by the openness and kindness of the local people and by the  atmosphere city. On our welcome dinner we met the Irish members of our team. It was a great experience that we could talk to our coach, Dr. Gabriele Klapper, our contact person, Stefanie Koslowski and our professor at DHBW, Dr Clemens Martin PhD in an unofficial environment. There we had a great time and we also had the opportunity to try the traditional German dish, Flammkuchen.

On the following days we were introduced to the world of SAP. We got our access cards and discovered the headquarters in Walldorf. The team of the WISCI and IBAIT students was strengthened by several team building exercises, we had an extensive workshop on study methods and we have learned how to work in a team effectively. At the end of the week we set our own team rules that were signed by each person of the group as a sign of commitment. In the course of this weak we already built strong friendships and we were able to meet many new interesting people.

We chose this programme because we wanted to be a part of an international, dynamic and open-minded team. Our expectations were met at SAP because we already experienced the positive attitude of the company members. Now we hope that we can contribute to the success of SAP.

Currently we are having German courses and with this newly-gained knowledge we are looking forward to our future at SAP and DHBW.


Greetings from Mannheim,

  Babina Nándor

  Bernáth Anna

  Czetter Júlia

  Rapcsák Ádám

(Hungarian talents together with other WISCI and IBAIT members)

We, at SAP Hungary wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again!