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Product and Topic Expert


Business Process Intelligence

All companies have data they can access to learn and understand how their business processes operate. Analysis of this data allows companies to determine which of those processes are working efficiently and which processes have room for improvement. Imagine being able to make the right data-driven business decisions, having full transparency into your processes, being able to align business and IT people, being able to predictably and safely transform your business, all in one end-to-end business transformation suite.


Discover And Address Your Business Challenges And Initiatives

Do you have business needs or initiatives in the following areas? SAP’s Business Process Intelligence Value Map will help you drive business outcomes in any or all them.

  • Data driven insights: Get the needed processes and data insights to make the right business decisions

  • Efficiency: Become more efficient to achieve your business goals

  • Customer excellence: Improve your customer-facing processes to increase customer satisfaction

  • Transformation: Enable a predictable and safe move to new technologies

  • Transparency: Understand process performance and discover harmonized opportunities

  • Collaboration: Enable teamwork of business and IT people

  • Automation: Empower end-users to automate their activities


When You Join The Business Process Intelligence Value Map, What’s In It For You?

As with all SAP Enterprise Support value maps, we empower you through knowledge, skills, and services needed to address business challenges and adopt intelligent technologies. Value maps provide direct access to SAP experts, collaboration forums, high-impact learning, and prescriptive guidance, to help you achieve meaningful results and unlock new potential for growth.

As a member of the Business Process Intelligence Value Map you will discover improvement opportunities, with recommendations to make those improvements.  You will quickly be able to understand the current process model and develop the future processes.  Using SAP Best Practices and benchmarking data you will gain process performance insights. With our guidance you can repair, enhance, and automate processes across applications.  You can collaborate with process owners and stakeholders across silos to coordinate roll-out of new processes.  You can detect process inconsistencies and compliance issues.  Finally, you can continuously monitor company and process performance in real time


Get Guidance For Each Phase Of Your Business Process Intelligence Journey

The value map for Business Process Intelligence specifically guides you from the Analyze phase of this journey through the Monitor phase.  Additionally, the Process Management & Collaboration’s Home Base enables you to model and manage processes end-to-end.

  • Analyze - Analyze, in real time, the current processes in your system.  With the help of process and user behavior mining, discover and understand how the processes run and where the bottlenecks are.

  • Design and simulate - Design and compare current processes with the planned “future state” of those processes, giving you insight into how they will look.  This will enable you to simulate the benefits.

  • Improve - Translate modeled future into actions.  You will receive recommendations for tangible improvements and execution of best practices.

  • Roll out and govern - Roll out process changes.  Educate your employees on changes and embed those newly adapted processes into your business.

  • Monitor - Evaluate the generated business value and explore further improvement potential. Gain full visibility into the process community.

  • Process Management & Collaboration Foundation (Home base) - Central place which enables you to model and manage processes end-to-end.  Providing a strong process repository and a single source of truth for all organization operations.


Sign Up To Get Access NOW!

Request access to the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support,  by selecting the “Sign Up” option.  If you are already registered (or after you successfully register) use the “Access Value Maps” option.   From the main value maps group page, select the Business Process Intelligence value map, then click on the “Join Group”  button.


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