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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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There's nothing better that a discussion.

Discussions can be very positive ways to share key information, as well as covering a whole lot of material on a subject. So that is why we have them at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid. Our Discussion Tables are where attendees come and talk to experts (SAP, Customer & Partners alike), sharing and discussing their Mobile ideas, thoughts and findings.

They are always a popular place and during our time in Madrid there will be Discussion Tables on various topics...

  • Strategy & Vision
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Platform

Some sessions I think you should attend...

MB4619 Learn How SAP Runs SAP with Mobile Solutions
MB4662 Share Your Mobile Success Stories
MB4739 Tap Into Best Practices for Successful Mobile Implementations
MB4665 Think Beyond the App to Empower Your Business with Mobile Solutions
MB4659 Discover Key Mobile Trends and Their Impact on Your Business

Check out the sessions at

Also see SAP's Mobile Social Manager Mahira Kalim's Madrid Agenda

Please follow me on Twitter @ithain and also follow @SAPMobile