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OK-- So I'm the marketing guy for SDN, but the good news is that I'm the ONLY marketing guy for SDN. From the very beginning, SAP decided that SDN would be a "Marketing Free Zone" and that we'd insulate the techies on SDN from the standard marketing crap that gets churned out and that we'd only post valuable techie information on the site.

So far, we've been able to keep to that direction. The challenge we face is "How do we tell people about all the cool stuff on SDN without "marketing" to them?" Obviously, the SAP TechEd events are filled with our core group of users and we're planning on some great stuff to let everyone know about SDN at the shows. But we're still trying to reach out to even more people than that. So here's your chance to tell those "idiots" in marketing how to do their jobs.

Tell me how we should connect with all the "techies" out there in the SAP ecosystem. We're not selling anything, we're not charging money and we're offering a whole lot of value. So how should we communicate that to several hundred thousand people and get them excited about SDN?

Part 2 will deal with the actual launch plan at TechEd in Vegas and Basel, so stay tuned. JW