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Hi Guys,

Please see interesting information on latest compliance change you should be aware of:

A number of new Performance notes have been created in the compliance area:

• Multiple accesses to table /SAPSLL/PRCON have caused the response time in the legal control checks to be insufficient, note 2226100 “Insufficient response times for legal control” corrects this issue.

• Note 2219314 corrects a performance issue in the document processing, whereby the system also executes a tariff number determination even though only one sanctioned party screening list is provided for the business transaction. Implementing the note will improve performance.

• Note 2227507 System performs customs value calculation for domestic purchase orders - turns off the duty calculation for domestic imports and has the impact of improving performance.

Duty tab displayed unnecessarily

A new function has been introduced in the compliance document processing area with note 2230113 – “Tab pages for customs value calculation in customs document not hidden”. In the case of either of the following situations: A domestic operation, the document is not active for customs processing, or no duty types can be determined - the tab for logistics costs at the header level and the tab for the customs value at the item level should be hidden.

UOM display update when editing item

When a document item is changed, the system is not updating the display of special units of measure, Note 2228744 No display of special units of measure when document item changed corrects this program error.

BP comparison index generation leading to short dump

If two legal regulations are using the same SPL control procedure, a short dump will be encountered when generating the business partner comparison index (trx /SAPSLL/SPL_STBP ) for both the legal regulations. Note 2228525 Runtime Error 'SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC' happens when running report 'Create Comparison Index for Busiess Partner' will prevent the short dump from occurring.

Error on BP transfer to GTS

On transferring a partner to GTS, error No control data defined for SPL is encountered and the transfer fails. This error is due to missing customising. The Knowledge based article 2230026 KBA: Error: /SAPSLL/CON_SPL_CHK019 "No control data defined for sanctioned party list” outlines the customising that needs to be maintained in order to address the error.

Case Management error

An error in the SAP Case Management causes an “Internal Error: Class CL_SCMG_CASE_API; Method CREATE" when trying to create a case in GTS in the blocked document reports. The Knowledge based Article 2228876 KBA: "Internal Error: Class CL_SCMG_CASE_API; Method CREATE" ...”provides details on this issue and a link to the case management note which fixes the program error.

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