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Hi Guys,

Some latest notes from GTS preference and risk area:

Incorrect NAFTA preference calculations due to incorrect evaluation of the designated intermediate material (DIM) corrected with note 2199970.

After upgrading to support pack 16 for GTS 10.1 or support pack for GTS 10.0 you may experience/notice in ST22 CONVT_OVERFLOW, CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW, COMPUTE_INT_TIMES_OVERFLOW dumps, during preference determination. These dumps are a side effect of note 2161238 and are solved with note 2193944.

Dunning level not interpreted during repeat printout? Please install note 2147043.

Note 2193888 addresses various issues for LTVD requests and LTVD dunnings:

• Inconsistent results depending on selected parameters

• Dialog and background jobs producing different results

• Poor system response times

Various improvements and corrections to the usability and consistency of LTVD maintenance through the WebDynpro:

2217428 - Incorrect e-mail text

2218357 - Form control is not taken into account

2220433 - ADS being called unnecessarily when maintaining LTVDs through the WebDynpro leads to a RABAX_STATE dump

2225992 - System produces a ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY_IDX_OP dump when you are dunning several items using the mode "Maintained by Vendor, Transferred by Employee"

GTS Support