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Hi Guys,

Please see the latest notes from the customs area that are available for download:

Enhancing structure /SAPSLL/ALV_PPF_MSG_S

The structure /SAPSLL/ALV_PPF_MSG_S has the enhancement category "cannot be enhanced" . However, it should be possible to expand the tree to user-defined fields. This change is outlined in note 2230032.

Partner address buffering not happening

The buffering of partner addresses in GTS documents and declaration is avoided and thus increases the program runtimes unnecessarily. Note 2227696 is downloadable to resolve this.

Item text tab incorrrectly displaying header text types

There is an error leading to header text types getting displayed at item level incorrectly, if you navigate to item text tab from the item overview. This is corrected by note 2227559.

Document flow description incorrect for supplementary customs declaration

Note 2228817 addresses a small issue with the description of the document type of the SCD not displaying correctly from document flow tab in a declaration.

Supplementary unit displayed incorrectly

An incorrect internal SAP unit as supplementary unit  is displayed in field /SAPSLL/CUHD_LOAD_0310_S-ALUST -  note 2229737 is available to fix this.

Transit access codes

The management of access codes in the transit security is improved in note 2221670. The note is currently available only in German but should be translated to English very soon.

BAdI /SAPSLL/BADI_CDOC_ALQUA when changing tariff number

System does not call BAdi /SAPSLL/BADI_CDOC_ALQUA if the tariff number is changed in document processing before implementation of note 2225877.

Danish SKAT statistical value error

2200923 and 2221660 address an incompletion error in Danish import and export document when sending message to SKAT. A value lower than 1 is transferred to the customs system as 0. Please apply these notes to resolve for import and export respectively.

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