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LAC Partners,

You can help customers manage risk by introducing software that enables their organizations to measure knowledge and skills securely for certifications, regulatory compliance, and improved learning outcomes. The reality is that customers who lack efficient ways to assess knowledge related to compliance and regulatory training face expensive implications. They have to be able to trace or otherwise prove employee knowledge to avoid or mitigate penalties and liability.

Join us on April 9, 2015, at 2 PM BRT, for a webinar where you will learn how SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark can enable your customers to measure the impact of learning initiatives, document regulatory compliance, qualify knowledge and skills, and ensure the expertise of their sales and technical professionals. Hear from an expert in your region about how to identify sales opportunities, target the right departments and contacts, and ask the right probing questions.

We’ll focus on these key industries:

  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Pharma

SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark provides assessment materials, distribution in multiple languages, accessibility across device types, and analysis and reporting of assessment results for:

  • Regulatory & Compliance – Ensuring knowledge of essential laws, regulations and health/safety guidelines
  • Qualification & Certification – Delivering reliable, defensible tests to certify employees
  • Sales Channel Verification – Validating competence and product knowledge of sales professionals

Register now to save your spot at the April 9th webinar.