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When looking at the SAP Sourcing official documentation you may typically wonder how to install/configure the application in distributed environments.

Given that most of this is actually dependent of the application server`s capabilities the expectations of the application are however typically as per below.

An error you may run into during an initial setup

If the required dependencies (like the dctool) that are being used for the SDA to SCA conversion during a SAP Sourcing configure tool run were not available you would get the following error:

As the error reads “DCTool not found” it is certainly imperative to check if the actual Installation Guide for the SAP Sourcing application has been followed to the letter and if indeed all prerequisites have been met.


See the next illustration as an example landscape diagram for this particular use case.

You would have to particularly take note of the following:

The SAP Sourcing application would expect to find its prerequisite tools on the machine where the SAP Sourcing configure tool is being started.

In this example. to get the above error, the SAP Sourcing configure tool was started on the PAS.


Hence there are three possibilities you can tackle such a use case:

  1. a) If you are on a Unix/Linux OS that can hence be easily remedied by making sure that you use symbolic links to make the application “think” the files are locally available

  2. b) Make sure the tools are readily available on the local machine the configure tool is being executed on

  3. c) Or you`d generate the SCA file(s) on the machine where the full toolset is installed (in this example that`d be the SCS once SAP Sourcing binaries would have been installed there) and hence then deploy them on the additional instances

If you have thoughts or inputs, let me know.


Joerg Lippmann


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