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Once a SAP Sourcing system has been installed (via DBimport tool and install_root, i.e. follow the Installation Guide) the system administration is typically done through:

  1. For purely system setup related tasks (enterprise contexts, cluster configuration, directory configuration, etc.) you`d be using the “System Manager” user (fixed userid: “system”)
  2. For Master Data and Enterprise Setup related tasks you`d be using the “Enterprise Manager” user. This user is unique to the Enterprise Context. That means per Enterprise Context you`d have one Enterprise Manager user (fixed userid: “enterprise”).
  3. Other end user access it then done via the buyside and sellside logins

More details on this can be found in the references and the Configuration Guide.

A complete SAP Sourcing Context/Cluster/Directory configuration example

Here the assumption is the you`d be separating (naturally, but depends on use case) between an internal and an external URL. Here thus the internal URL is for buyside access and the externally accessible URL is the one for the Supplier side contact login.

Do note that this example does not include steps that are outside of the actual SAP Sourcing application (Load Balancer, Web Dispatcher, Proxy etc.).

For that`d you`d best be off with the SCN forums at: and/or checking the references.

Overview of SAP Sourcing URL access points

These are the login “portals” the SAP Sourcing system (typically) offers. Hence the URL servlets are given.

Context/Cluster/Directory Configuration example with internally/externally different URLs

Now after creation of an Enterprise Context called “Enterprise Context A” the Cluster Configuration for this use case (example) has been set as follows:

Elaboration of this example

Now that this has been configured (context created, directory configuration created and cluster activated) the summed up URL access for this example would look like this:

To detail

The System Manager user accesses the SAP Sourcing system via URL:

The Enterprise Manager user that is associated with the “Enterprise Context A” accesses via: OR OR<Cluster Configuration External ID>

A buyside user would access via the URL:

An email received for a buyside user credential would look like this:

Whilst a supplier contact would login here:

And an email received by a supplier contact credential would look like this:

And lastly a Supplier Self-Registration page would be called e.g. via: (see Supplier UI Configuration in the Configuration Guide if you need more details)

To sum up

Together with the already publicly available materials, the Online Help of the application, as well as the pointed out references this example should help for an initial system setup and/or modification.

Do note that these examples are based on a SAP Sourcing/CLM 10.0 release.

Feedback is very welcome.


Joerg Lippmann


• SAP Sourcing official documentation and help:

• SAP Sourcing Configuration Part 1:

• SAP Sourcing Configuration -- Part 1 (Cluster and Context):

• SAP Sourcing on NW - Login URL construction:

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