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Every sales manager works towards one primary goal – to make their numbers at the end of each quarter (and hope that the quarter was a good one!) What they would like to do is track all the opportunities that their sales team is working on, see all the opportunities as they are entered in the system, and track them through each sales phase. And now sales managers can! (check out this blog for an overview of Sales Pipeline Analysis powered by HANA).

Sales Pipeline Analysis with HANA is a rapid deployment solution that delivers reporting on three key sales areas: Opportunities, Quotations, and Contracts. This rapid deployment solution includes all the required HANA content and all of the necessary steps to configure and implement them. The software component is part of the HANA license, i.e. customers do not need to buy it separately. The services do have a separate cost and ensure that this is enabled in your systems within only 4 to 5 weeks!

The only tool needed for analysis would be the SAP Business Explorer connected to the HANA appliance – the most intuitive tool available at the fingertips of a sales executive on the go! The analysis can be done on a computer or on a mobile device like the iPad. Sales managers can figure out the total number of deals for a quarter or the net value of a single opportunity entered into the system an hour ago.  They can follow up on that single opportunity to see if there was a quotation created for it and many other metrics for further exploration:

Now an executive is empowered with the knowledge of the status of their pipeline at any instant. So they know which opportunities are in the final phase and need to be pushed to close before the end of quarter. No more waiting for a report to be delivered with one week old data.

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