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Bringing the momentum from Las Vegas to Berlin!

The Product Management Team of SAP Gateway for Microsoft is now getting ready for another blast in Berlin, SAP TechEd && Dcode Berlin Nov 11th -13th 2014. You can meet our Product Manager, holger.bruchelt who will be presenting the product value proposition to customers, showcasing demos & answering all your questions at the event. Don't miss to stop by booth# E2.2 to meet our product expert & ask questions about  SAP Gateway for Microsoft, a product which helps you to adapt to the speed of business. We also invite you to learn about our latest SP3 product release: SAP Gateway for Microsoft Service Pack 03 – Embracing the cloud! Have your question ready to ask our product experts at the event!

Want to get a taste of the excitement at Las Vegas? Here are few blogs that you can check.

You can also get an official mobile app for the SAP TechEd && Dcode Berlin!  :smile: :smile:

Build your agenda : Mark the sessions that are listed below to learn more about SAP Gateway for Microsoft, and to see interesting demos including the latest demo on Office 365 integration of the SAP Gateway for Microsoft.If you want to learn more about how SAP Gateway for Microsoft supports Microsoft Azure , listen to the recorded webinar. You can check the agenda of #SAPtd here. Join the pre-conference activities including SAPInnoJam and Developer Garage events.

See the keynote sessions scheduled at Berlin.

SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Sessions scheduled:

1. ROADMAP SESSION: Location - PR 4.1, Hall 4.2 

ITM824: SAP Gateway for Microsoft ( Date: Nov12th Tuesday -Time:13:00 PM -14:00 PM )               

In this session, Holger Bruchelt will give an overview and outlook on the product SAP Gateway for Microsoft which allows customers to consume and interact with SAP data directly from Microsoft productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook. You can also see what is possible today, talk about customer success stories, and look at planned features.

In case, if you missed the previous roadmap session we also have another roadmap session scheduled.

ITM824: SAP Gateway for Microsoft ( Date: Nov13th Thursday -Time:13:00 PM -14:00 PM ) 

2. CODEJAM MINI EDITIONS: Location- Mini-Code Jam 1, Hall 2.2

a. CJ600: Integrate SAP Data in Microsoft Outlook via SAP Gateway for MSFT (Date: Nov 11th,Tues, Time :16:00 to 17:00 PM)
b. CJ612: Outlook Integration via SAP Gateway for Microsoft Leveraging SAP Fiori (Date Nov 11th ,Tues-Time:14:45 to 15.45 PM)

c. CJ614: Enterprise-Ready .NET Applications Leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft ( Date Nov 11th Tues Time 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

3. HANDS-ON WORKSHOP SESSION: Location- H9, Hall 7.2 - Helsinki 1

In addition, we also have more exciting topics for you. Holger Bruchelt will also present a hand-on workshop along with Bjoern Woppmann on the topic below

a. INT262 : ODATA in SAP Hana Cloud Integration , Date Nov13th  Wed 17:00 - 19:00 . This hands-on session features the end-to-end process of provisioning of OData services in SAP HANA.

4. NETWORKING SESSIONS: Location -Product Influence Lounge Expert Lounge EL 2.2, Hall 2.2

a. EXP17395:   Influence: SAP Gateway for Microsoft - Innovating for Your Success!  (Date : Nov 12th Wed 14:00 - 15:00 PM)           

Many of our customers are using Microsoft technologies in their daily work. Some customers even have a clear dual-vendor strategy with Microsoft and SAP. In this session, we want to get a better understanding of the associated challenges from customers and evaluate how SAP Gateway technology can help integrate SAP data into Microsoft products. In this session, you can understand how SAP and Microsoft are working together for your success!!

SAP Mobile Platform sessions at SAP TechEd && Dcode Berlin 2014!

Want to learn about SAP Mobile Platform? Join sessions at SAP TechEd && Dcode 2014! Get an overview of SAP enterprise mobility MOB 100: Overview session

1. ROADMAP SESSION:  Location : 3, PR 4.3, Hall 4.2

MOB829 - Road Map Q&A: SAP Mobile Strategy and Platform,Tuesday, 13:00 - 14:00    

This session provides an overview of how SAP simplifies mobile development for the enterprise and their employees, business partners, and customers.  Additional Session      


MOB103: SAP Mobile Secure

MOB200: Security Meets Usability

MOB202: Architecting and Integrating Mobility into Your IT Landscape

MOB209: SAP Mobile SDK Overview

MOB210: Putting it all Together with Mobility Solutions by SAP

3. Are you a developer? Check out the DEVELOPER TRACK SESSIONS:

MOB101: Hybrid Mobile Application Development with Kapsel

MOB160: Build an HTML5 Hybrid App with Kapsel

MOB201: Steps to Creating a Secure Mobile Solution

MOB203: Enabling Data for Mobile Consumption

MOB204: Run SAP Fiori on Kapsel with SAP Mobile Platform

MOB205: Going Offline – Steps to Creating Your Offline Mobile Solution

MOB260: Build Native Mobile Apps with the SAP Mobile Platform SDK

MOB261: Service Mash-Ups with the SAP Mobile Platform and Integration Gateway

MOB262: Design and Deploy an HTML5 Enterprise Class Mobile Application

3. Some of the other sessions that you might be interested are listed below:

Run track sessions:

MOB206: Run SAP Mobile Platform – On Premise

MOB207: Run SAP Mobile Platform in the Cloud

MOB208: Tips and Tricks for Running the SAP Mobile Platform

MOB263: Tips and Tricks for Running the SAP Mobile Platform 

For more details on SMP sessions . Click Here

We are ready meet you soon in Berlin! :smile: :smile:  

For more information about SAPTechEd && Dcode 2014 Please visit.

We also invite you to visit our social media channels for latest and greatest updates of what's happening at SAPTechED && DCode Berlin!!

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