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Customer service is a nonstop endeavor -- even when a company implements new software.

“Everything that we do from a technology perspective needs to be seamless to our customers,” Alfonzo Venturi, general manager for business information services at LeasePlan Australia, said in an SAP video. “We cannot afford to drop the ball.”

LeasePlan Australia’s customers enjoyed nonstop customer service during the company’s massive ERP overhaul.

And nothing tipped off LeasePlan Australia’s customers when the fleet management services provider built and installed a cutting-edge leasing service ERP solution. The upgrade has since generated record-high satisfaction levels among customers, employees and suppliers.

But LeasePlan Australia had help.

Aerodynamic Business

“The decision to go with SAP Active Global Support was because we knew that AGS would give us the right skills, the right people at the right time,” Venturi said. “It allowed us to finish on time and on budget.”

AGS offers lifetime support to SAP customers via on-site support. The embedded team helps implement new technologies, improve operations and remove barriers to innovation -- all with minimal disruption.

“Just getting people on the road used to involve 60 people and six weeks of transactional paper-based work,” Spiro Haralambopoulos, managing director of LeasePlan Australia, said in an SAP video. “Now it’s a three-and-a-half-minute task that involves no people.

“And 90 percent of our transactions are done through an online portal using the SAP solution,” Haralambopoulos continued, “linking to 7,000 suppliers at the other end.”

Big Plans

LeasePlan Austraila is a subsidiary of a global vehicle leasing and management company with other subsidiaries that also have big plans. LeasePlan sponsors GT racing in Belgium; it will invest €35 million in Romania this year; and the company recently renewed its customer-centric focus in the U.K.

Asia is also in LeasePlan’s sights. And the company has the platform to make that expansion a reality, according to Venturi of LeasePlan Australia.

“With the support of the ActiveEmbedded team, who understands the Asian market, we’ll get there faster and better than what we would on our own,” Venturi said.

Everybody Wins

LeasePlan Australia’s customer service is likely to be another key differentiator.

“Customer Service is not just a service for the customer,” according to a recent poll on consumer management consultancy ICMI’s Web site. “It provides an invaluable service for the business too.”

LeasePlan Australia’s track record of providing nonstop service to customers while implementing its new Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution -- and the subsequent record-breaking customer satisfaction -- positions the company well for growth in new regions.

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