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Hear all about these updates and more in a new Out for Lunch podcast episode on SAP Partner Finder.

SAP continuously evaluates and updates tools to improve user experiences for prospects and customers. One of our latest projects is enhancing SAP Partner Finder. This tool enables businesses to enter the skills and expertise they’re looking for in an SAP partner, along with other criteria, such as geographic location and SAP solution, to find partners that are the best match for their businesses. Furthermore, SAP Partner Finder updates released in June 2023 make the experience easier and result in highly tailored search results.

June 2023 SAP Partner Finder Updates

The first thing users will notice is the new SAP Partner Finder homepage design. In addition to a new look and feel, the homepage includes filtering options that help businesses narrow their results by location, industry, and solutions. Users can also search by partner name or keywords in a free text search field. It’s unnecessary to use all filters; users can search without additional filters as they’ve done in the past to receive a list of all partners that meet more general criteria.

When users view a partner profile, they’ll also notice that solutions and partner competencies are now listed in one area of the profile to make it faster and easier for businesses to evaluate partners. An additional modal screen is available for each solution, which includes the usual competency details, for example, the number of projects delivered and the industries of those delivered projects.

SAP Partner Finder updates also include an enhanced solution filter. Users have communicated that search results have been too broad, so SAP has responded with a feature that adds a second level of granularity in the filter. The user can now define within a main solution area the partners they want to search for. The filter taxonomy is also aligned with the SAP competencies and specializations. Users are free to select one or more of the solutions to find the partner that has the particular capabilities, expertise, and experience necessary to address their needs.

Great Features Businesses Can Continue to Use

By accessing a partner profile, a user will continue to receive a brief description of that business, its industry focus, supported languages, and the SAP partnership type, for example, solution sales, consulting services, or solution building partners. Users can also see where the business is located and supported languages. Some partners may even provide links on their profiles to customer success stories and other resources that can give prospects a clearer picture of what to expect from working with their business.

Visit the Newly Updated SAP Partner Finder

These SAP Partner Finder updates will make it easier to find a provider that offers the precise types of products, solutions, and services that will advance business transformation.

To browse for SAP partners in your region, industry, or solution of interest, visit SAP Partner Finder today.