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How to deliver innovation and run your business applications better with SAP?

In this world of Big Data and real-time business, how do you deliver trusted data and deeper insights that your business users need, while reducing the complexity and cost of your IT landscape?

Join us for an interactive Webcast on September 24, 2013 to find out how.

Date:  Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time:  2:00 PM EDT

Duration : 60-minutes

Data volumes are exploding and the cost of computing memory is plummeting. How can your IT organization leverage the key technology trends and innovations to boost business performance in today’s fast-changing competitive environment – while reducing TCO?

A flexible technology platform is key, and our real-time data platform delivers an adaptable, extensible, and open enterprise platform and infrastructure that enables you to innovate at your own pace. In this webcast we will discuss how SAP can help you integrate a real time data platform into your business and provide your customers with additional value. 

Sybase ASE / Real time data platform (RTDP) is one of our fastest growing database products in the market, and at the forefront of SAP’s strategy to win mission critical, Tier 1 “OLTP” workloads in the enterprise. Join us to understand more about how Sybase ASE can help your organization and your customers.

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