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The HR bots are coming! Conversational, technology-driven interactions between employees and human capital management solutions is no longer a far-fetched, future concept—the technology is here today, and it’s going to revolutionize how your people connect with HR, their jobs, and careers.

Where does your organization fall when it comes to bots? Do you find the entire idea confusing? Intimidating? Or are you ready to deliver the next big innovation in employee experience? Regardless of whether you are ready to explore incorporating a bot into your HR strategy or if you’re just starting the process of learning about what this could mean for your organization, you’ll find some great sessions at SuccessConnect Las Vegas.

We are offering overview, demo, and meet-up sessions on the topic of bots in HR, ranging from conceptual discussions of how this technology impacts today’s workforce to focused presentations showcasing our new digital assistant functionality, which brings a machine learning-fueled, conversational interface into the SAP SuccessFactors solution. Join us to develop your expertise on HR bots, learn about our digital assistant offering, and network with your peers:

  • Digital assistant snapshot   Wednesday, Sept 12       1:50 pm               Theater 2

  • Digital assistant meet-up     Wednesday, Sept 12       3:00 pm               Orovada 2

  • Overview and roadmap: SAP SuccessFactors Solutions for UX, Mobile, and Digital Assistant
    Thursday, Sept 13        11:30 am in Ironwood 3            and             1:45 pm in Orovada 4

And be sure to check out the digital assistant in action during the Opening Keynote and on the showroom floor! If you haven’t already, register now for SuccessConnect Las Vegas! For those already registered, don’t forget to add these sessions to your agenda builder.

The digital assistant bot experience for SAP SuccessFactors is current being tested by select customers as part of a beta program. To learn more about this functionality, visit Digital Assistant.