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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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we managed to get a book out on Java Programming for SAP Web AS 6.40. The book is published by SAP Press (ISBN 1-59229-020-5):

Java Programming with the SAP Web AS

What to expect?
For a very fair price you get more than 570 pages covering development topics such as J2EE, Web Dynpro, Web Services, Java Persistence (JDBC, SQLJ, CMP, JDO), Web AS architecture and supportability, Java Development Infrastructure (JDI) (both developer and admin perspective). Several well known authors both from J2EE engine development and product management have contributed their insights to the book.

We also built a DVD with Web AS 6.40 and Developer Studio trial running a local JDI and a lot of samples. The book is written in English. American English btw. I say this because it took us quite a while to convert from British to American English...