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2015 is a big year for us with the launch of SAP S/4HANA, our biggest software overhaul in two decades. SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition, brings the next wave of simplification and innovations across core business functions.  In addition, it gives customers the opportunity to deploy real hybrid scenarios - combining on-premise and cloud solutions - for unprecedented IT flexibility and accelerated business innovation.

Are you prepared?

With all these new solutions making way into your business jargon, it could be quite daunting to understand how it all fits into your day to day transactions and how it can enhance your work-life.  Well, it isn't rocket science! Or at least we have experts at SAP Education who can help you decipher and put the pieces of the puzzles together to see the big picture.  The best place to get an overview and get enabled is the SAP Skills Forum.  If you haven't attended or heard about SAP Skills Forum before, it is an annual training event organised by SAP Education in various locations like Germany, France and the UK covering the latest SAP solutions and the courses are specially designed for this event. Due to the high demand last year, SAP Education UK is extending the SAP Skills Forum to a whole week this year and it will all be done virtually!  No travel hassles plus you have the flexibility to book one or all days depending on which topics are of interest to you.

Learn Like Never Before! 5 Days, 4 Solutions - Demos, Hands-on sessions, Networking and more...

  • SAP S/4 HANA - 2 Days
  • SuccessFactors Overview -  1 Day
  • Cloud Overview - 1 Day
  • SAP UX Overview- 1 Day

Save the date: 12th Oct to 16th Oct 2015

Be the first to get a comprehensive overview on the innovations portfolio with 3 never before taught courses and of course the innovations agenda isn't complete without SAP S/4 HANA.  This is a good foundation, as the 4 big pillars are covered over a course of a week and designed in such a way that it flows from one to the other helping you see the whole picture.  Following this training event you can choose to specialise or dig deep into a specific area which plays a bigger part in your role.

Go all out and do all 5 days and it still doesn't burn a hole in your pocket! At only £2,545 for all 5 days it is definitely worth your time.  Adding to the travel costs that you save (as it's all virtual) we are giving an additional 15% discount when you book 3 or more courses in this event which brings it to just over £2,000 for a 5 day training event.  You still have flexibility to just book one or multiple courses of your choice and only pay for the ones you attend.

For full details on this event, pricing and booking details visit our training and certification shop -

Meet the experts who will be running this event.


Power to you!