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Dear Partners,

It's hard to ignore the numbers; plus,  you've probably personally experienced the issues outline below.

An effective solution to end user adoption issues.

Did you know:

  • 70% of all failed software projects are caused by poor user adoption
  • 50% of software functionality paid for and licensed by organizations is not actually adopted by end users
  • Undertrained employees are at least 5x more expensive to support

People readiness and proficiency issues face every industry. Organizations often rely on anecdotal information and guesswork to try to root out trouble spots, but without real-time information, how can they find out where employees are most challenged while they’re performing complex business processes?

Now you can sell the SAP User Experience Management, Enterprise Edition by Knoa, to help your customers address these issues head-on. It will provide them with insight on how employees interact with enterprise software applications, help measure impact on day-to-day operations and ultimately, increase adoption to realize efficiencies and save money. Their end users will end up with business process roadmap to help them be more productive, responsive and engaged. The SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, Enterprise Edition replaces all of the guesswork with visibility into what your customers need to do to drive adoption and optimize their workforce.

The Enterprise Edition of this application enables you to market an all-in-one product that:

  • Monitors all currently-supported user interfaces (SAP GUI, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and SAP NetWeaver Business Client)
  • No longer requires add-on licenses for additional user interfaces — the entire portfolio of solutions now falls under a single license
  • Taps into future innovation and expanded coverage, including Fiori, SAP UI5 Apps, Success Factors and more
  • Is always up to date

This exciting solution is now available in a cloud version so your customers don't have to manage the hardware, software, or infrastructure themselves! Customers can choose from either the cloud version or an on-premise version and experience all of the same functionality.

This powerful application assures people readiness and technology proficiency across an entire organization. Here are just a few examples of how it can benefit different organizational roles:

Project leads and line of business heads

  • Reduce operational expenses, including training and maintenance
  • Shorten ramp-up time of application rollouts
  • Validate and measure solution adoption

IT Management

  • Reduce Help Desk calls
  • Change IT support from reactive to proactive

HR Management

  • Help employees excel in their jobs through adoption of new technologies
  • Identify the right people to train at the right time
  • Reduce costs by training only the users that need training
  • Identify where key knowledge workers are in the organization

Start helping your customers to maximize their enterprise software today! Learn more about SAP User Experience Management by Knoa and how to position it in this recorded webinar or visit PartnerEdge.

Best regards,