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Hi Guys,

SAP Note 2135414 - [3.10] NF-e: Issuing hour not available for modification was released.

After implementing this note it’s enabled in the classic BAdI CL_NFE_PRINT, method FILL_HEADER the field HEMI. This field is the issuing hour of the nota fiscal.

The new behaviour of the program checks if field hemi was filled via BAdI CL_NFE_PRINT and in this case it uses the BAdI value instead of the time previously determined by the system ( this time is converted to UTC afterwards in perform convert_timespan_to_utc ).

In the include below you can see the new behaviour:

Now it’s possible to determine the time in the field HEMI following additional rules like CNPJ and/or CUF not depending exclusively on the timezone settings of the plant/user.

On behalf of Renan Correa.