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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

At the last SAPPHIRE I attended in Orlando this year I was interested to listen to an on stage interview with Ron Dennis, Executive Chairman of McLaren. I already knew that SAP had sponsored the F1 team but was unaware of the how far SAP's Technology was being utilised in their day to day operations... From Analytics to Mobile, across all aspects of the McLaren group of companies.

If you did not know already, SAP is helping McLaren run like never before and at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid I am hoping you will get the chance to check out probably the fastest mobile device around the Vodafone McLaren F1 car via a display on the show floor along with another vehicle on an awesome stand!

Back to the Formula One car... Telemetry data is fed over the air from the car's sensors back in real time and SAP HANA is helping run analysis against this huge amounts of data to help the engineers make the best decisions. Check out

Intreagued and want to read more? My Collegue Timo Elliot has a blog here with a video and graphics showing more...

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