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The Head of Product Support, Mohammed Ajouz would like to introduce you to a dedicated section of our SAP Support Portal, welcoming you to support.

In this section, we outlined recommended resources beginning your journey with support, accessible to you anywhere, any time and on any channel.

In the graphic above we have outlined the information behind each link and at any time on the Support Portal, you can access the Contact Us options to reach out to support directly.

Our aim is to provide you, our customers with a seamless and excellent user experience as you are introduced to support.

We want to build awareness of the excellent resources available to compliment your introduction to support and link you with the correct channels to make the most of your support.

You can find more details in the Featured Section of the SAP Support Portal today.

Please enjoy the video message from Mohammed Ajouz with a warm welcome to your support.

Click here to view the new Welcome Area.
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