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For many companies, end-to-end payroll processing time takes several days, as there is significant time involved in analyzing payroll errors.  The data can be scattered over different wage-type reports, which typically are run over-night in batch processes, increasing the end-to-end payroll cycle time.

The SAP Payroll Processing control center simplifies and optimizes the entire end-to-end payroll process, helping organizations to increase the efficiency, transparency and accuracy of payroll processing.  It allows to move away from the batch-style processing to a continuous payroll process with real-time monitoring of payroll exceptions (also called validations or policies).  Gone are the days where the Payroll Administrators have to spend significant time digging through countless error logs, spools, reports, diverse check tools, and often creating Excel lookups to find any payroll-related errors.  The PCC will push the flags and errors in real-time to the payroll managers, who can in turn assign the errors to the Payroll Administrator in a flexible way using default rules and/or the new team tool where payroll team members can grab errors in the payroll error queue for resolution.

And for companies that want to deploy this application quickly, there is the SAP Payroll Processing control center rapid-deployment solution.

Jump-start automated payroll processing to deliver accurate, efficient, and high-quality results

This rapid-deployment solution helps you get up to speed with next-generation payroll automation.  It provides preconfigured content, best practices, and documentation for the Payroll Administrator and the Payroll Process Manager role.  The solution includes validation rules for the five policies gross pay, net pay, taxation, time and attendance data, and organizational structure.  It also contains pre-configured key performance indicators and processes for One-Click Monitoring.  Three Click-Production Payroll, and Posting to Finance.

The SAP Payroll Processing control center rapid-deployment solution can enable you to implement:

  • Payroll process execution - Speed the configuration of the SAP Payroll Processing control center by implementing preconfigured processes and key performance indicators for the Payroll Process Manager.
  • Payroll error analysis - Enable the Payroll Administrator to analyze gross pay, net pay, taxation, time and attendance data, and organizational structure with preconfigured validation rules.

Reduce risk with a predictable scope, time, and cost

To ensure a swift and predictable deployment, the rapid deployment of SAP Payroll Processing control center has a fixed price and a fixed six-week timeframe. During this engagement, consultants from SAP Services leverage best practices and provide documentation of payroll checks, payroll processes and KPIs. They will also help you configure a user interface and adapt the generic checks to your specific needs, all of which serve as a foundation for the optimal implementation of SAP Payroll Processing.

If you are ready for a new innovative approach to payroll processing based on best practices, then there’s no better way to accelerate than by engaging SAP Services.

To learn more about implementing the rapid-deployment of SAP Payroll Processing control center, visit