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julienjean-pierre.vayssiere, can you give me a short introduction of yourself?

I am the global lead for the SAP d-shop program. My role is to bring new technologies closer to all SAP employees through hands-on, informal, peer-to-peer learning. I have been with SAP for over ten years now. First in Sophia-Antipolis, France, then in Brisbane, Australia before finally topping off the list of sunny locations with Walldorf, Germany. My private life is very low tech compared to my day job. I read paper books, I grow vegetables and cycle wherever I can.

As you sponsored a lot of IOT equipment for this SIT Walldorf 2017 (SIT kids day), can you give some examples what people can do with it?

This is all about the interplay between the physical world and the digital world. We brought sensors of course, in the form of fitness bracelets or MakeyMakey sets which turn one’s body as a computer keyboard of sorts. But the real fun happens when software in the digital world make physical things blink, beep or move. That’s where you find Lego Mindstorm sets, mBot programmable robots and even indoor drones. I am always amazed at how confident children sound when they demo technology or their personal projects. I actually have a lot of faith in the younger generations. At d-shop we see a lot of Millennials, either as interns or visitors, and I just love how open, driven and self-reliant they can be.

You are the lead of the d-Shop, can you explain what is the role of the d-Shop and the intention behind it?  

d-shop is a global network of SAP-internal “makerspaces" where SAP employees can access hardware, experience innovative devices and get started using these new technologies through hands-on informal learning. We take people from zero to being able to create a first working prototype in a variety of technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D printing, IoT (Internet of Things) but also robotics and - and it’s our main focus area for 2017 - Machine Learning. We bring like-minded employees into an inclusive community where we can all showcase what we built and learn from others.

Any additional comments from your side?

Since our job is mostly focused on SAP internally it was great to work with the #SITWDF crowd and get the external perspective, both from the children and from their parents!

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Julien with his "magic boox"