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This blog is a part of my blog interviews series around the topic of "Wiki Space Councils- Collaborative Creativity Brings Change". As previously described, the council is a group of topic experts who join together and discuss content strategy, design, user interface, navigation, management and promotion of their wiki space.  

In today's blog,  Marcio Leoni,Inyara Souza and Horst Valentin, members of the "ERP Human Capital Management" wiki space council, will describe thier unique activity and point of view.

I begun working with the council at the end of August this year. We mainly discussed how to improve space's layout and content navigation. I was very impressed by how independent and productive they were. In a very short time, they succeeded performing a real space face lift. I can honestly say that the ERP HCM space is one of my favorites, although I don't normally consume their content:).


ERP Human Capital Management space:

 When was your space created?


Our space was created at 2007, however we redesigned it this year. 

Why was it created?


Similar to the trend of cloud computing this is our try to merge knowledge and wisdom. We wanted to give HCM professionals the opportunity to connect, to share best practices and how tos. 

What do you do as wiki moderator?


I review the pages published in the space in terms of layout and content. In some cases if needed,I forward the content to be reviewed by other topic experts. I take special care of comments posted by customers. These comments guide us on which content should be added to our space.

Moreover, In order to increase the contribution in the space, I promote the space in our internal HCM Community.

What can be found in your space? 


We collect all the topics related to Human Capital Management - from Recruiting, to Masterdata, Learning Solution, Time Management, Payroll and many more.  I'm very proud that we can observe an increasing trend of contributors from all areas - this shows me that our passion to work with the WIKI and to connect people and knowledge is appreciated and shared.

 Why are you doing it? What do you enjoy the most?


WIKI is my friend and it always was. Whenever I needed a piece of information during my studies-the starting point was always WIKI and it stills . I appreciate the effort of all the contributors, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and I really enjoy seeing the WIKI growing. 

Do you want other people to help you ?


If the spirit of the true WIKI we always seek for more editors and contributors and of course professionals who benefit from the knowledge stored.

If yes, what would they need to do?

It is very simple - just go into the HCM WIKI and contribute 🙂

What kind of content are you looking for?


we are specifically looking for  How to guides, explanations, Solutions, Workarounds and Tips & Tricks. Anything you feel it could be helpful to the community. Very often it is the answer to the question: What would help me?

Why would you recommend other people to contribute/consume content in the wiki?


Besides the fact that it is fun to help others  -  a powerful argument is that it makes perfect sense. Share your knowledge and benefit the brain power of hundreds of thousands of SDN user. I guess that it is a pretty good return on invest. 


If you are a customer, it will save you time and help you investigate system issues. As an  SAP area consultant, it can increase your knowledge and recognition. As a member of SDN but not a customer, it can be the perfect place to start on SAPworld. 

What are your future plans for your space?


Our next steps are to further increase the structure and the content of our WIKI. We are yet where we want to be, but working on a WIKI is an adventurous never ending journey. And of course we want to attract contributors who share their experience with the community.

Did you get to know new people in your moderation activity?


While working as a moderator you get to know new and interesting people almost every day. You can learn a lot and see the product from different perspectives end benefit from these experiences.  The passion for thinking in solutions and not in problems and to share these solutions is what connects us in many cases.


Interested in joining a wiki space council in your topic? Please reach out to me.