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Ensuring system uptime is critical to business continuity; but given the complexity of IT landscapes today, this is easier said than done. Monitoring tools help IT keep its finger on the pulse of what’s really happening. SAP EarlyWatch Alert is the most popular and established monitoring tool from SAP helping customers identify potential problems early, avoid bottlenecks, and monitor the performance of their systems.

But in the world of software, there’s always room for enhancement. The extended content for SAP EarlyWatch Alert, addition of new products running on customer networks, and ever-increasing number of systems that customers want to monitor were all making it more laborious to collect and monitor results from the service. And solving this problem required more than just changes in SAP EarlyWatch Alert content. SAP had to change the process of handling SAP EarlyWatch Alert results for customers by simplifying operations and enabling customers to adjust how they see alerts in the alert inbox.

So how can the SAP EarlyWatch Alert be better integrated into IT operations? In 2013, the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council embarked on a customer-driven co-innovation initiative to integrate SAP EarlyWatch Alert into operations.

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