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Since PCM 7.5 SP3, Data Bridge can connect to SAP BW and any other ODBO source system (including itself!). A test tool called lsdal explorer is also provided to explore structure and measure data from various source systems.

Define a Link ID to a BW System

In addition to the steps below, defining a Link ID can also be done from within the DataBridge Wizard.

  1. Start Data Bridge (menu path All Programs>SAP Business Objects>Profitability and Cost Management>Data Bridge
  2. Click Cancel on the – “Create new DataBridge Control File“ popup
  3. Select Run>LSDAL Explorer

  4. Click the Create Link ID icon
  5. Select DataSourceType SAP NW BI RFC (specific server) (Note that this is where you could also select other ODBO sources or Oracle or DB2 providers)
  6. Maintain the following parameters
    - Link ID (ETD – note can be any name)
    - System (ETD – note must be BW system ID, in this case ETD)
    - App Server (localhost – this will vary by BW installation and usually be an IP address or hostname)
    - SAP System Number (00 – this will vary by BW installation)
    - User ID (PCMELITE)
    - Password (welcome)
    - Language (EN)
    - Client (001 – note this will vary by BW installation)
  7. Click Test and confirm successful connection
  8. Click OK

Expand the new Link ID in the left hand pane to browse the BW Queries and Infocubes

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