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I work in SAP for more than 6 years in various teams and technologies as a developer, scrum master and team lead.

During my years at SAP I mostly enjoy the variety of products and technologies, this way we are never bored 🙂

In the last year my team worked on the integration of the UI Theme designer to the Enterprise Portal.

For me and my team this project was an exciting experience since we came from different products and it was our first experience with the Enterprise Portal.

Furthermore we learned the important topic of theming and branding.

My lecture is about the new UI Theme Designer Which is the new single tool for theming and branding in SAP's key user interfaces. The key benefits are:

  • Browser-based WYSIWYG editor
  • Different skill levels of theming: quick, expert and CSS
  • Multi-platform and multi UI technology support
  • Cross-technology theming

For additional information you can refer to the UI Theme Designer documentation at:

I invite you to ask questions in the comments section.

For more information about Inside Track Israel 2013 click here