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My name is Gali Kling Schneider and I have been part of the SAP Community Network Team since 2006. I’m proud to be located here in Israel and have the opportunity to help build our wonderful community. To learn more about me please read my blog it forward post 

No doubt the best part of my role is my daily interaction with the amazing people in our community. Its especially nice when we can meet in an in person event.  This will be our second inside track event in Israel (I organized the first one, read my blog from then :smile: ) and I look forward to meeting the local members here in person as well as seeing friends.

My presentation is entitled ‘Motivating People with Gamification’ and I’ll provide a basic understanding of gamification, how its used all around us and then delve into SCN as a test case.

I look forward to interacting with those attending and answering any questions afterwards here in the comment section of my post.

Additional relevant resources:

In addition, I welcome everyone to follow along throughout the day by using the #sitilscn on twitter.

You can also follow me on twitter, @gks

See you Monday!

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