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For many businesses, standard information delivered by SAP Business Suite applications meets daily needs. But many need more than just accurate information – they need timely insight. This has driven the adoption of SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions that enhance information delivery and deepen insights.

Because they’re high performance, BI solutions from SAP – like a high-performance Ferrari – require expert fine-tuning before they can deliver the best experience and enable the “driver” to realize full return on investment. So to realize the best performance while minimizing cost of ownership, customers need software that’s optimized and the knowledge and experience to keep it running well, even as the business and IT landscape changes.

SAP Enterprise Support services are constantly providing innovative ways to optimize these high-performance solutions so they deliver exceptional value to customers. In 2013, SAP Enterprise Support customers around the globe co-innovated with SAP in the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council with the focus to improve and further develop the SAP Enterprise Support offering so that all SAP Enterprise Support customers can optimize and tune their BI solutions from SAP.

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