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Today, IT systems have to support businesses like never before – in many cases, on a 24x7x365 basis – in response to rising business expectations, globalization, and continuous system consolidation. So it’s a top priority for IT management to maximize the availability of IT systems for end users. At the same time, IT has to reduce operational costs.


SAP Enterprise Support offers a wide range of services, tools, and best-practice support to help SAP customers tackle the challenge of balancing maintenance costs with system availability to reduce the impact of system downtime on businesses. And each year, we work with the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council to further enhance our offerings, co-innovating to find new ways of meeting the most pressing customer needs.


In 2013, one of our focuses was on business continuity. And together with SAP customers participating on the advisory council, we created, enhanced, and delivered new services designed to improve system uptime while reducing maintenance time, effort, and cost. The results are summarized in a whitepaper showing how to improve business continuity for all customers that use SAP Enterprise Support.

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