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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We want to make things simpler, easy to use and optimize processes to make them shorter and more intuitive.  

Last year we launched the improved incident creation on SAP ONE Support Launchpad, including a simplified incident form layout, improved system selection and search, enhanced component selection, real-time log file analysis and the “support assistant”. Having listened to the user feedback, we are delighted to tell you about more improvements to simplify and improve your support experience. 

Watch the tutorial video below to learn about the redesigned incident list, accessed via the new 'Manage Incidents' tile and how it can make managing incidents more efficient.

Why we created a new ‘Manage Incidents’ tile?

Based on user feedback that there are too many tiles, we are taking steps to reduce the number of incident tiles and this is the first step to achieve. 

Now in the ‘Manage Incident’ tile you can customize and save your own incident list views. 

By the end of the year, the previous incident management tiles will be removed, so started using the ‘Manage Incidents’ tile today.

Don’t worry we will inform you multiple times before switching tiles off.

How do I access the new ‘Manage Incidents’ tile?

The new 'Manage Incidents' tile should have automatically appeared in your list of tiles on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. If not, you can find it in the tile catalog in the 'Newly Released' list.

How does the ’Manage Incident’ tile work? 

The redesigned incident list view enables you to easily view, edit or confirm your reported incidents to SAP, with personalizable filters and views, sorting and grouping.

There are two major enhancements: filter customization and personalized view.

         1. Filter Customization 

A core set of filters are on by default, but you can add more filter options by clicking on ‘Adapt Filters’.

Here you can add more filters like ‘installation’, ‘reporter’, ‘created on’, etc. 

        2. Personalized View 

You can set a personalized view for the result list. It is possible to define your own sorting and grouping rules, meanwhile adding/hiding display columns as you wish. 

Once you are happy with how your list is filtered, sorted, and grouped you can save it for future use.

And next time you can just simply select and use it.

Other Features

By clicking on the ‘info’ button below, you will be able to see a preview of latest changes. You can also confirm or open the incident directly from this view, without having to open up the incident. 

Table formatting of the incident list view has also been further enhanced by including a more intuitive color coding, a sticky header and a better display format on component, installation and all date.  


What else? 

We are also pleased to announce two more features for the incident creation form.  

  1. Starting from wave 3 release on April 2nd, 2020, if you change your S-user contact details during incident creation, you can save these changes permanently to your S-User profile.

  2. We are starting a pilot for a simplified, product-based incident categorization.  Please read this blog Experience a simplified incident categorization by using “Topics” and join the pilot to explore more. 


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