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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Over the past 12 months, we have released a lot of improvements and enhancements around SAP’s incident creation and management processes. To further enrich the user support experience, we are very excited to announce some significant features recently released. They are unified support experience, simplified categorization using ‘Product Functions’, integrated cloud outage communication with notification subscription and more.


  • Unified support experience:

The ‘Report an Incident’ tile in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad now provides you a central entry point for SAP support channels like traditional incident, Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert. Available support channels are highlighted automatically. Easily choose your preferred support channel while describing the issue without having to navigate through different support channel tiles.


How to access?

You can simply click on the ‘Report an Incident’ tile in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

How to select the channels?

Fill in the necessary information including the system in which this issue occurs, product area, subject and description, and select the issue categorization either via product function or component. Several AI-enabled self-service tools like support assistant, Incident Solution Matching, real-time log file suggestions & analysis will help recommend solutions and suggestions as you detail your issue, making your SAP support experience easier, faster and more effortless.

Once the issue description is completed, the available support channels will be highlighted in the footer bar. Currently there are three options: Expert Chat, Schedule and Expert and traditional incident.


1.Expert Chat

Click the ‘Start Expert Chat’ button if you want to chat with the support engineer right away. If the chat queue is busy, you will see a ‘Join Chat Waiting Queue’ button.  You can either wait in the queue or choose another support channel.

The content you filled in will be automatically transferred so you don’t need to provide it again.


2. Schedule an Expert

Clicking the ‘Schedule an Expert’ button will take you to view the upcoming sessions. If the available slot is suitable for you, you can book it directly.


3. Alternatively, you can also click ‘Review & Submit Incident’ to review the content and submit a traditional incident.


  • Simplified Categorization using ‘Product Functions’

Simplified categorization using ‘Product Functions’ helps you to find the best category for your incident, Expert Chat or Schedule an Expert session.

The new, product-based categorization takes the system and ‘Product Area’ you’ve selected into consideration and is using AI technology to recommend the most relevant ‘Product Functions’ for you.

For more information, read this blog: Experience a simplified incident categorization by using “Product Functions”


  • Integrated cloud outage communication with notification subscription

The integrated cloud outage communication automatically notifies you if the cloud system/tenant you selected has any planned and unplanned downtimes and offers a one-click subscription so you will receive all relevant updates about that outage, instead of creating a support incident for the same purpose.

Regular updates about the outage and its resolution will be sent to you via email until the outage has been resolved, after that the subscription ends automatically.

In addition to the subscription option a direct link to the is offered. This way you can get the current status and all relevant information about the Cloud outage at a glance.

Any subscription created via this new feature can be edited or deleted via the Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS) application in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad at any time.


  • Other Features

    • To provide a more personalized support experience, the recommended help solutions are now triggered on your ‘Product Area’

    • Continuous improvements are made to SAP’s support assistant helping you find the solution to your issue in real-time while recommending the correct component categorization.

    • Log files analysis is now possible when editing an open incident.

We invite you to join our webinar on “Experience unified support for your perfect incident management” on Sep 16th 2020 at 9:00 AM & 4:00 PM (CET) and discuss with us how this accelerates your technical issue resolution, please use this link to register. Registration is free.


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