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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Product Support has conducted a series of customer interviews and surveys to continuously improve and simplify the customer support experience. The results are turned into design and will now further improve the entire incident creation process.

We want to make things simpler, easy to use and optimize processes to make them shorter and more intuitive.

The redesign of the incident creation application on SAP ONE Support Launchpad is one example of the steps we are taking to meet our customers’ expectations and turn their recommendations into design.

How can I access the optimized incident creation application?

Simply visit SAP ONE Support Launchpad to create and edit support incidents.

How does it work?

Let me share with you some of the newly designed features, which will help you create a high-quality support incident and get a solution faster!

Incident Form Layout

After you click on the ‘Report an incident’ tile, intuitive collapsible sections prompt you each step of the way ensuring the required information to analyze your issue is collected.

Improved system selection and search

The initial step in creating an issue for SAP support is selecting the affected system.

Since many customers told us they have multiple products on premise /cloud across a multi-tiered landscape, this can be an extensive list. To make the selection easier, the system selection table provides more details and a variety of search options are available to assist you find the affected system – filter by system role, product version, datacenter region.

Additionally, favorite systems are denoted by an ‘*’ asterisk in the left-hand column for quick and easy selection.

Enhanced component selection

Previously customers could find it very hard to choose the correct component out of over 16.000 components.

To make this selection easier, significant enhancements have been made to component selection, allowing you to find and specify the component that aligns best with the issue being reported. The component search itself has been improved and it is now possible to find components, no matter if the search is part of the component name, the component description or the component path. The result is sorted by relevance, regarding entered search terms.

Component descriptions provide a user-friendly way to select the impacted component, with detailed component path information for each component.

The easy to use collapsible tree structure helps you to navigate through the list of all components.

Most recent examples of new simplified features are our component predictor functionality called “SAP Suggestions” as well as our "Expert Area Predictor" functionality called “Suggested Expert Areas” as part of our Schedule an Expert live support channel.

Real-time log file analysis

This new service suggests and analyses the log files for the selected component area in real-time.

Once you have uploaded your files, you can click on the button ‘Analyze Files’.

Identifying possible root causes for your issue with proposed solutions, ideally you may resolve your problem before creating a support issue or expedite the resolution by having the correct log files as well as a PDF analysis report attached to your incident from the onset.

In case you would like to join our webinar onSAP Support – new and improved incident creation process is waiting for you” on Oct 16th at 04:00 PM (CET) and discuss with us how this accelerates your technical issue resolution, please use this link to register. Registration is free.