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It’s no secret that we filled the SAP Conference for EPM with as many customer sessions as we possibly could. Why? The answer to that is simple – you (or rather prior attendees) asked for it. In fact, we had made the decision to include back-to-back customer sessions early in the planning cycle. And it wasn’t just a survey response that inspired us to do this, it was also the availability and willingness of so many SAP customers asking to speak.

So, never one to miss an opportunity to share a customer story, I decided to focus this blog on the first of our recent event speakers, Lexmark.

A customer view of their EPM journey

Immediately following the day-1 keynote and demo, the first customer session of the SAP Conference for EPM was Lexmark, a provider of printing and imaging products, software, solutions and services. Introduced by our event Platinum sponsor Macrospect, Lexmark gave an insightful account of their SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) journey, starting in 2009 as they moved away from an old manually-intensive spreadsheet-based solution to their current solution, powered by the SAP HANA platform which they use for consolidations, financial forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning.

Lexmark presentation at the SAP Conference for EPM

Lexmark presentation at the SAP Conference for EPM

This is a terrific presentation, highlighting the ups and downs of their implementation experience involving the definition and creation of models reflective of their business, as well as the business benefits that Lexmark now enjoy having worked with this solution for a number of years, and their plans for the future.

Candid thoughts – caught on camera!

Having enjoyed the full presentation from day 1 of the EPM event, this second video link is another chance to hear from JB Jenkins of Lexmark, but this time in a much shorter interview with SAP’s Karuna Mukherjea. Also interviewed here is Jeff Hattendorf of Macrospect, who offers some initial thoughts regarding the day-1 announcement of the SAP Cloud for Planning solution.

As well as interviewing Lexmark, Karuna was kept very busy as she took the time to interview a number of other customers at the EPM event too. Here are two more links, one for Dolby and TekLink and another for Kohler and TruQua who talk about experiences with BPC.

I hope that you enjoy these videos. But remember to stay tuned as there’s still more to come…watch out for my next blog sharing customer insights and interviews from the SAP Conference for EPM.

This article was first published on CFOKnowledge. Reprinted with permission.

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