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Being an expert in your solutions area, you always had the urge to share and get recognized. We all have been wanting to do this but have been constrained. Come social media revolution, we have got this new worldwide web revolution where we can share through blogs, microblogs, social network sites across the globe. This is an amazing opportunity. Hey but I have read these stuff, but not ventured into it, how can i? I have the urge of ‘I too want to become a famous blogger’ but need a guide on what to blog, where to blog, how to blog, more tips etc.

Here you go….

Where to blog:

SAP SCN community is a great starting point for blogging to wide audience, including external audience. It has solution areas under which you can post your blogs. You start off as a junior blogger and at some point you can become an expert blogger.

Sounds good, but I really want to focus on my target audience who may not be reading the blogs I post in SCN.

Just to clarify, the blog posts into SCN gets assigned to Google blogs search. So if somebody searches in google blogs with keywords, your blog is likely to be picked. Offcourse you can also choose to blog into websites where you think your target audience would visit e.g., etc. Other option is for you to create your own blog website e.g.

What to blog:Hey cool, got a good idea on where to blog, now the next question, I have so much information available with me and keep getting more information constantly, of which not sure what should I blog.Offcourse with the enormous experience you have, it’s a tough thing to prioritize what to blog, but here are few things that you may want to blog, with my examples provided in the links:

•      Business/Technology Best Practices

•      Opinion/Decision Enabler

•      Thought Leadership, future focus drum beats

•      Experience from a situation for benefit of others

•      Trends in our functional domain

How to blog:Good, got a good sense of what to blog where. Can we have some tips on how to blog since I am not used to this informal information sharing.Fine, here are few tips with examples in the links

§  Titles are important, give business relevant informal titles that people may search in google

§  Blogs should be crisp preferably in one page, break into parts if it is more than that

§  One picture conveys meaning of 1000 words, rule applicable to blogs as well

§  Blogs should be original on top of existing information, mere sharing of information will look very ...

Excellent -  blog at least once in two weeks or atleast a month, to enjoy the experience. Few things we could leverage as ideas for blogging:

So can you really become a blogger with this information to start with.Yes, I too can become a blogger J

Happy Blogging !!!