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As a proactive measure, we recommend that you update your system with this patch/version by the 21st of October 2014.

Without the latest update you may find this issue:

When launching the above applications after the certificate revocation date (October 21st 2014), host or standalone component installation process (.exe, .msi or .msp files) on Windows, the installation process is blocked. Same is valid for standalone compoentns patch installation. Possible message:

“This publisher has been blocked from running software on your PC”.

Also this error:

Initialization has failed. Contact your system administrator.

For details, see the Loader log file.

2072921  - Urgent Customer Notification - HP ALM / QC - versions 10 and 11.0

2072898  - Urgent Customer Notification - HP QTP / ST VTD - version 11.0

2072899  - Urgent Customer Notification - HP Loadrunner - version 11.0, 11.5, 12.0

2072900  - Urgent Customer Notification - HP Performance Center 11.0 & Standalone Applications



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