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If you need immediate Support help, Expert Chat connects you with an SAP support expert, supporting a wide range of SAP solutions.

What is Expert Chat?

Expert Chat is a live chat service from SAP Product Support, and best suited for new medium or high priority issues. It connects you instantly to SAP technical support experts and offers to clarify your questions before filling an incident. In many cases, this already may solve your problem and you might be able to continue working with no disruption. It’s available for all support levels and almost all solutions – at no additional cost.

What are your most important benefits using SAP’s Expert Chat?

  • Time savings: Businesses that implement Expert Chat begin to experience significant increases in value from their maintenance and support agreements with SAP.

  • Efficient issue resolution: Through the Expert Chat service, SAP optimizes support process by consolidating all necessary information at an early stage to solve an issue during the interaction.  For more complex issues, a follow-up will take place as an incident.

What are the major features of SAP’s Expert Chat?

  • It connects you with the same experts who work on your incidents

  • Offers read-only screen-sharing option for a clear understanding of your workflow

  • Bi-directional attachment exchange

  • Support expert creates an incident for your convenience

  • Safe to use for Customers who activated EUDP/CNDP flag on their systems

  • Machine Translation - your chat will be translated to your language

  • Direct access to SAP’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) – see more details later.

Before you get started:

  • If you would like to use Expert Chat, you may want to make yourself familiar with the following information:
    the link “” describes the offering of SAP product support channels.

  • You may also check the Knowledge Base Article 2392095, which describes the technical requirements for an Expert Chat session including requirements for screen-sharing.

  • To learn more about SAP’s first live channel and details on how to use Expert Chat, you may also read SAP Knowledge Base Article 2213344.

How to start your chat with an SAP product support expert?

The easiest way to start Expert Chat is to first access SAP ONE Support Launchpad via the following link and at the Solutions/Incidents block you click the Expert Chat tile.

Expert Chat option is also built into the incident wizard, as well as the SAP Knowledge base search.

To connect with the right product support expert, now select “New Incident (unreported issue) – (1).

Please note:

  • If you have a query on your existing SAP support case or support incident, you need to select “Existing Incident”. If you are facing a challenge with a non-SAP product related topic, like questions regarding your S-user, you should contact SAP’s Customer Interaction Center.

SAP product support requires 3 key information about your technical problem before starting a chat:

  1. Product Area / Expert Area where you are facing problems

  2. System is affected

  3. Technical problem

The 3 steps and details in a workflow:

  1. Select the product area / expert area.Then information will be displayed about the Expert Chat availability.Please note:If you do not find your product or product area in the list of expert areas, you need to turn to the regular incident channel, since Expert Chat is not yet available for this specific area.

  2. Select the system you are facing the technical challenge with.

  3. Finally, provide the details of the technical problem and click the “Start Expert Chat” button.The button will only be displayed, if an expert is available to reply to your request. In case all experts for your specific area are currently busy, either try again shortly after, or start a traditional incident.


If you would like to know, what an Expert Chat session looks, you may also watch this video:

In case you would like to join a live presentation and discuss the benefits of Expert Chat with me, please join our free live webinar on how to chat with an expert on November 18, 2019 at the following link: If you missed this webinar, you can find the recordings and presentation material here.