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The pressure for digital transformation has never been greater. Customers expect their favorite brands to move along with them as they adopt digital lifestyles. New startups use digital technology to surpass their established, larger counterparts. And entire industries are turned upside-down along the way.

Recent studies have proven that executives are taking digital transformation to heart. For example, IDC reported that two-thirds of CEOs are relying on such strategies to shape their business models this year. However, there seems to be a gap between those who depend on it and those that have mastered it – with only 5% feeling that they have achieved a competitive differentiator, as revealed by a recent Accenture study.

Why is there such a deep divide between digital strategy and digital fluency? It could be a matter of perception of technology’s role and how deep in the business’ core transformation should occur.

Digital imposter or master: Which one are you?

Every executive knows that the customer experience is the heart of every company’s success story.

However, delivering this experience through digital transformation takes more than just creating a mobile app, setting up an e-commerce site, or adding a few sensors to the plant floor. The whole journey must transform the core of the business – addressing everything from employee engagement and cybersecurity to unparalleled services.

Digital transformation is more than injecting a few new Web sites or mobile apps into your existing employee and customer experiences; it’s an opportunity to reboot your entire business model. Whether you’re a premier producer and distributor of fruit, a leading multinational automaker, or even a small or midsize business, you cannot master digital transformation without wrapping it around – and within – every aspect of your company.

SAPPHIRE NOW: The secrets you need to know to transform from the core and throughout

Are you ready to fully realize the advantages of a true digital transformation? Check out these sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Increase Profit Through Simplified Trade Promotion and Management
Increase profits and sales effectiveness. Hear how Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, used a design-thinking approach to solution development and the simplified SAP Trade Promotion Management application to realize value from its investments and stand out in the agricultural segment.

Apply Art to Transformation Through Business Model Innovation Techniques

Take control of your future. Hear how General Motors aligned its financials road map to its innovation strategy to help create the connected car and deliver a new customer experience. Understand how ensuring that your innovation strategy considers real-time processes across the business can disrupt your business model and create new opportunities.

Create a Value-Driven Road Map to the New Digital Economy

Digitally transform your organization and enable new business models by creating value-driven road maps. Hear about techniques, experience methods, and clear-cut examples of how a road map based on future trends can be used to drive and govern strategic transformation in your own organization.

Learn about the journey to digital transformation – from the business core and throughout. Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW.