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Drools is the No.1 open source Business Rule Management System (BRMS) solution in the world (at least till today). It is widely used in different system for rule management. Drools Workbench is the  powerful web authoring and rules management application of it. There are some documents on how to set up Drools Workbench in a local server, such as WildFly and Tomcat. But most of the content is for Unix users. Many people met various of problems while trying to use it in Windows. In this blog I'd like to show how I set up Workbench in Tomcat 7 in Windows.


Before starting you need to have JDK or JRE in your local enviroment.


Step 1: Download Tomcat 7 from:

Step 2: Unzip the archive to C:\T7, make sure T7 is the root folder of tomcat. (T7 could be any other arbitrary name, but do the same changes in the following steps)

Step 3: Add a new environment variable CATALINA_HOME = C:\T7

Step 4: Download kie-drools-wb-6.3.0 (Workbench) from, unzip it to C:\T7\webapps\drools-wb (drools-wb will be the app name).

Step 5: Copy all the .jar files in here to C:\T7\lib. Pay attention that the kie-tomcat-integration-6.3.0.Final.jar is for Workbench 6.3. If you are using other versions, please download the corresponding .jar file.

Step 6: Copy all the .jar files in here to C:\T7\conf. Remember to make change to resource.ds1.driverProperties.url=jdbc:h2:file:C:/T7/jbpm in according to your own tomcat root folder path.

Step 7: Copy setenv.bat to C:\T7\bin. Search “drools-wb” in this file and replace it with your own app name.

Step 8: Add <Valve className="org.kie.integration.tomcat.JACCValve" /> into CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml inside Host element.

Step 9: Open a new command line and navigate to C:\T\bin, execute “catalina.bat run” to start the server. Visit http://localhost:8080/drools-wb in your browser. For both tomcat and workbench use following account to login:

Username: admin      Password: admin


1. (For SAP employee)If you got errors related to github, just change your network to SAP-Internet and restart the server. This action only need to be done once.


2. If you got warning “WARNING: cannot get this JVM unique ID”, that means tomcat is not able to read the configuration of btm (Bitronix Transaction Manager). Check al the path in setenv.bat in Step 7.

3. If you met other issues please check logs in C:\T7\logs.