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For consumer products manufacturers, the cost of trade promotion is second only to the cost of goods sold. The challenge is to maximize your return on trade promotion spend in order to protect your margins and stay competitive.

Easily said, but how do you do this? You need a data-driven spend strategy based on analysis of promotional effectiveness by category, brand, product, channel, organization, and customer. And as you execute a promotion strategy, you need to monitor sales/spend performance, identify patterns, and leverage insights to improve the promotion.

To support this business process you need a specific software solution. The SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis analytic application enables you to reduce the cost of sales by maximizing return on total trade promotion spend, enhance promotion planning by analyzing what works and what doesn't for each retailer, improve brand management with insight into marketing mix and performance-to-forecast, and heighten visibility and control with deeper analysis of funds, customers, and promotions.

In short: You need to analyze your company’s trade promotion effectiveness! And you need to do it quickly in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

The fastest possible way to get your SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis up and running is by choosing the SAP Rapid Deployment Solution approach, which includes preconfigured software, implementation services, and end user enablement. Leveraging the SAP Rapid Deployment Implementation Methodology ensures a smooth and quick implementation with a predicable timeline and fast end-user adoption. And within only 8 weeks you’ll have visibility into your promotion effectiveness like never before!

The SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Rapid Deployment Solution enables you to realize the following business benefits:

  • Quick-start implementation of pre-defined dashboards and KPIs
  • Multiple dashboards in 4 - 8 weeks
  • Data for accurate planning and forecasting combined with visibility of all trade activities across the enterprise
  • Measure actuals v. plan, product and customer profitability, and promotion effectiveness
  • Accelerate enterprise-wide coordination and integration to empower sales teams


With the SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Rapid Deployment Solution you can gain insight into and the ability to track performance of trade spend by retail account, event, and category. You can also calculate trade spend as a percentage of a product category and closely track retailers’ accrual, reserved, and settled balances – using the rapid-deployment version. For instance, take a look at the demo video for the standard version:

So if you would like to get more from your trade spend in just 8 weeks, choose the SAP Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis Rapid Deployment Solution!

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