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HANA installer provides a simple and fast installation manager with graphical interface (hdbsetup).But in case you prefer to use silent installation you can easily do that by "hdbinst" binary. Bellow I will demonstrate a quick way of using it.

Most of the guides explain how to do the installation in graphical interactive mode or via xml password file silent mode for security reasons.

I would like to show an easy,fast and unsecured silent installation example (hdbinst). You will be needing this tool for automatic installation and for testing during continues integration processes. For secure installation please refer to the following Guide.


1. You have completed planning and preparation.

2. Check the Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

3. You are logged on as the root user.


Just change the " provide_password1" and "provide_password2" by your own passwords:

# ./hdbinst --batch --sid=DBH --password=provide_password1  --system_user_password=provide_password2
--sapmnt=/hana/shared --datapath=/hana/data/DBH --logpath=/hana/log/DBH

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