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  Hello Guys,

The Technical Note 2015.001 for CT-e brought some changes on the schema of the CT-e XML as well some changes on the validation rules. In order to comply with this change there are two recommend ways:

1- Implement the SAP Note 2168179 - Support for CT-e Technical Note 2015.001. It's valid for companies running SP's 18, 29 and 20 of GRC NFe 10.0.

This note introduces the changes to the proxy that builds and stores the XML from CT-e in the GRC database as well the new validation rules. This note is a complex note that has manual steps and also MANY pre-requisites.

The necessary prerequisite SAP Notes are:















If ALL pre-requisites are not implemented correctly then you'll have inconsistencies in the proxy for CTe after implementing 2168179 and it will cause disruption and will require manual efforts to adjust inconsistent objects. It's very risky to implement 2168179 if the pre-requisites are not 100% implemented.

2- Implement SP21 of GRC NF-e as described in the SAP Note "2170295 - SAPK-90021INSLLNFE: Support Package 21 for SLL-NFE"

The Support Package requires a little more testing from the users ( and maybe adjusts on Z programs that you have in GRC ) but it's 100% safe that you'll have consistent objects and also it will bring new functionalities for the GRC.

The list of new functionalities can be seen in the following blog posts:

WORKAROUND for companies running SP's 16 and 17 and are not able to upgrade right now:

There is a workaround option for those who are in very outdated SP's (16 and 17) and can't implement the GRC NF-e SP now. You have to take into consideration that the workaround does not include the full scope of NT 2015.001 for CT-e, the solution on these SP's only adapts the code to avoid having errors in the ABAP proxy because of field forpag which is not mandatory anymore.

This workaround requires to implement a Pilot Note. To have access to such solution it will be necessary to open an incident to SAP on component SLL-NFE with the priority medium because it will be released only on request. This is a last alternative to be considered as the full solution is not possible in these SP releases, we always recommend to create a policy to upgrade GRC more often since the impact of the upgrade is not Very High.

Best regards,

On behalf of Renan Correa